Coming Off of Hiatus

As you may have noticed (or not- I know you are all busy with your own personal dramas) the posting here has been quiet since November.


Many, many reasons. 

I was burnt out, too short on time, still adjusting to my daughter, dealing with personal issues, tired of the self-centered nature that blogs tend to foster, ran out of topics, faced a serious writer’s block, had to scale Mount Everest and yada yada yada blah blah blah excuses excuses excuses.   Sure, some of those were more intense than others, but excuses nonetheless.

So why the re-boot?

I follow some amazing blogs- A-MAZ-ING.  Blogs that make me  laugh, make me think, inspire me and have had a positive ripple effect on others.   Blogs that made me realize that I miss writing, both as a creative outlet and in a personal blog format.  It means something to me and helps me to vent/process/work out my frustrations.  Frankly, it’s a cheap form of therapy and a way to connect in an impersonal world.  

Huh…maybe that’s why millions of people do it, right?

Sometime over the past year, I also realized I had started to say “Well…after, XYZ happens, then I can…” to put off things I really wanted to do, because I was afraid or unsure or too shy.   I got tired of it because I realized that I would never get to “After XYZ…” because there would always be another “XYZ” that would take its place.  I was just letting my uncertainty hold me back.



So now, instead, I’m going to start saying “What if?”  and “Why not?” and see where that takes me.

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One thought on “Coming Off of Hiatus

  1. Welcome back! Sometimes that hiatus (and what you must enjoy about some other blogs) is all you need to get that push you need to find your groove. 🙂

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