You’ve been warned…

All I can say is… Seriously? 

Who can tell me what’s wrong with this statement?

“With Australia’s recent passage of paid (family) leave, the United States has become the only rich country without such a policy.”

(Taken from yesterday’s A Labor Market Punishing to Mothers)

Why is America the ONLY rich country with NO paid leave for parents?  Doesn’t this say something about our culture and our priorities?  Why isn’t every politician that spouts off about upholding “family values” jumping on this?  Or taken to task if they vote against something that can help so many families?

Is it too much to ask for our government officials to look out for their youngest constituents?  Or does it simply come down to the almighty dollar?

I freely admit that before I had my daughter, stuff like this never crossed my mind.  Now that I’m a parent…feeling differently is an understatement.

No new parent should ever have to worry about if they’ll be able to pay their bills if they take time to care for and bond with their newborn.

What kind of example are we setting to the world?  

I’m not going to get into a “mommy wars” type of debate on staying home vs. working outside the home.  I honestly think that most people do the best they can for their families.   BUT, I know there are mothers (and fathers) who do not have a choice – and must go back to work shortly after they have their child- because it is the only way to feed, clothe, and shelter that child. 

With billions of dollars spent on bailing out banks that knowingly made risky financial decisions- can someone please explain why money can’t be found for paid family leave?

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