She’s Crafty!

I like to think of myself as kind of, sort of, crafty. 

Not in a “I can draw a mural of unicorns dancing with teddy bears on my infant daughter’s wall” type of crafty*, but I can sew a bit, put together a mean Ikea desk using all the parts, take a pretty good photo, paint a wall without too many drips, and have a little bit of creative mojo.   More often than not though, my craftiness vision outweighs my actual ability and it end up in the FAIL category. 

BUT with instructions?  Someone else’s genius?  Totally capable.

So, I might be a bit behind the times, but I just discovered  (No- this is not a paid endorsement, just my geekery on display).  You can design your own fabric!  YOUR OWN FABRIC!

Now, I’m willing to admit that again this might go in the FAIL column because my design skills are…mediocre cruddy at best.  While my mind is spinning all the amazing Amy Butler-esque fabrics I will create and make a small fabric empire out of- my reality will have me swearing at my computer because the clipart squares and circles I’m fiddling with won’t line up correctlyanditsreallyannoyingOMGJUSTFORGETIT…

Believe it or not, it didn’t turn out that way!  Easier than I thought…though it is intimidating to see what everyone else designed…

So, the end result?  My own fabric for a pair of pajama pants for Li…and yes, those are octopuses attacking spaceships-  why do you ask?


*Not that I’d even want that on her wall…I’m just saying.

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