I’m in trouble in 12 years

Overnight, my daughter grew up into a thirteen-year-old girl.  A thirteen-year-old girl, with a bit of a mullet.*

She’ll officially be 15 months next week.

Ordinarily I like thirteen year olds- you can talk to them.  They sometimes listen.  We occasionally like the same tv shows and movies…

Then again, I’ve never been the parent of one.  Until now.

1- Li suddenly likes to talk.  Sure, it sounds like Klingon, but she’s still got something to say.  A lot to say actually- and if sometimes it just sounds like screaming?  That’s just because it’s so quiet in the store/library/church that someone should be talking.

2- She loves my cell phone.  I have no idea where she figured out that a cell phone is meant to be held up to your ear- as I NEVER USE MY CELL- but there it is.  My cell, her toy phone, a rectangular block of wood?  You must pretend its a cell phone.

3- She’s hormonal.  Seriously.  Hungry? Tired?  OMGWATCHOUT.

4- She gets a bit screetch-y when hormonal.  Or when, you know…I want her to wear pants.

5- Drama queen.  The dog brushed past her?  MELT DOWN.  Her cup fell out of her hand?  MELT DOWN.  I pick her up from the babysitter and she just wasn’t quite ready to be done playing with that paper towel roll?  MELT DOWN OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

6- She wants to do EVERYTHING on her own- even if she has no experience doing it.  Feed herself scalding hot soup?  You are a moron, Mama, let me show you how it’s done.** And by the way, can I borrow the car later?

*Why does the hair at the back always grow fastest on a baby?  Anyone? Anyone?  Bueller?

**Not that I would give her scalding soup- she really prefers coffee for dinner instead.

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