You’re only going to breakbreak my heart, Steve Jobs.

Who knew technology could be so wily? 

Brisket, Li and I went to three (count ’em THREE) different stores looking for cell phones yesterday. 

It was a wonderful waste of gasoline.

The first store?  As we were waiting for a service rep to help us, we overheard they didn’t have ANY iPhones for Brisket, much less the iPhone 4.  Um…ok, AT&T store…I mean, anonymous carrier of cell phones…isn’t that what the ENTIRE STORE is devoted to? 

The second store?  Did not have the any of the cell phones I liked in stock- or the IPhone 4 in 16G…though if Brisket wanted to upgrade to the 32G for an extra $100, they totally had those.  Really…Interesting. 

We had heard a vicious rumor that the third store had both the cell I liked- and Brisket’s phone!  The angels were singing in glory- until we actually drove the extra 20 minutes to find out they were sold out- just like the last store.  If we were interested though,  there was stock in Fond du Lac…

For those of you not familiar with Wisconsin, please see this helpful map of the state….

Um….yeah…We politely declined driving another hour for a cell phone.

So now what?  Give up on the iPhone dream?  Revert to cans and string?  Having to- GASP- order them online and WAIT TWO DAYS? 

Brisket has one other source – all nefarious-like- that he wants to try before the online route.  Keep your fingers crossed that there’s isn’t a man named Fast Eddie involved.

The paranoid side of me thinks that this is Apple’s way of driving up demand and excitement about the product- and upselling all those poor consumers to the 32G model…but that would be just crazy, right? 


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One thought on “You’re only going to breakbreak my heart, Steve Jobs.

  1. Old House Lover

    Believe it or not, try Wal*mart.

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