Right between the eyes…

I’m getting wrinkles…

I always thought the gray hair brigade would be the first to take me down, but this morning I came to the realization that the line etched between my eyebrows is not going away.  No matter how many fancy creams and potions I rub into it. 

Some people look good with that line… Clive Owen for instance.

I’ll give you a minute to check him out…

See what I mean*?

Not so much on me. 

I know it’s from hours of the  “I’m worried” face**- but I kind of doubt yoga or a massage will magically erase that line.

And actually stopping my worrying?  Ha!

I’m a bit of a chronic worrier…I worry about Li and her eating habits, her size, her babysitter, if I’m going to have to carry her into kindergarten because she’s still not walking yet, if we should just stick with Li or have another child, how another child may rain down chaos on our lives or be the best thing ever, my current career, my future career, what I really want to be when I grow up, my writing, my writer’s block, Brisket’s career, Brisket’s long commute,  my lack of motivation to start running again, my waistline,  Brisket’s waistline***, if I should ever grow out my hair again, what people really think about my short hair, if the button is going to fall of of my cardigan, if I can go get that new cardigan I saw online, or those shoes, our finances, the economy, Palin running for president, 2012, where we’re going to be in a year, or ten, all the renovation projects we have to finish if we ever want to sell our house, if we want to sell our house and move, where we’d want to move, what I should make for dinner tonight, what people will think when they read everything I worry about, and the wrinkle between my eyebrows. 

*I know it’s a common complaint- but why do men look better when they age?  Anyone?

 **and maybe the occasional “What the hell are you talking about?” face

***not so much on this one…

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