“Oof-ta”- (Scandinavian-American slang. US, chiefly upper midwest) A mild expression of error, dismay, or concern (often in a comical sense).

Or, in my neck of the woods, it means “Wow” or “Whew”. 

This weekend was definitely an Oof-ta-type of weekend.  For the first time in a couple of years, we did a lot of home-related projects.

Exhibit A:  Helping my parents with their kitchen renovation on Saturday.  They’re gutting the entire thing- and we were there to move old cabinets, mop up after a geyser erupted under their sink, and tear down a soffit. 

Exhibit B:  Going to the well-known big box renovation store to price out new windows before the tax credit goes away.  Everyone else must have had the same thought though because we never did get to talk to the installation guy.

Exhibit C: Finding a list of other projects we also should probably complete before the snow flies- including a new backyard shed, pricing for skylights for our bedroom, pricing carpeting for our bedroom, cleaning out the basement, re-organizing my horrible pantry*, pricing out solar panels**, installing a new water heater and thinking about re-doing our bathroom AGAIN.

Exhibit D: Um…Insulating my daughter for winter.

So, the last one is not really renovation related, per se…but we did have general required maintenance on her that we undertook this weekend.  She needed a new winter coat- and I had a coupon for 30% off!  Naturally the store that I had the coupon for only had heavy, ugly boy coats for winter, and lightweight “you’ll freeze your tushy off” girl coats. 

Oh…I tried so hard SO HARD to convince myself that my daughter could wear a dark green camouflage winter coat with football and army men patches on it.  I mean, I’m enlightened!  I’m living in a post-feminist world!  My daughter is going to have trains and trucks to play with too!  But even Brisket said that everyone would think she was a boy, and it was too masculine for her…and I caved.

We also ended up getting her some new shoes, because MAN, that girl has some Sasquatch feet…it’s not that they’re super long, it’s just that the ball of her foot is super wide.  Regular shoes aren’t wide enough…so we bought her an awesome shoe/sock mutant combination for her duck feet.

Finally, we bought a few more cloth diapers online- thus completing our transition to complete hippies.

But that’s a conversation for another time, and I’ve rambled enough for one day.

*seriously horrible…shudder and shame-inducing horrible.  I’m sure I’ll feature it here once complete!  So you all can witness my dirty secret!

**Most likely to cost so much that we would have to sell a kidney on the black market, but they had a table!  With brochures!! THE DIAL SPINS BACKWARDS FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! 

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