Judo Chop

In the course of my weekend review yesterday, I neglected to mention a very important fact…Li started walking over the weekend!

Well…technically it was on Thursday at the babysitter’s house.  She gleefully announced to me that Li took 5 steps on her own RIGHTBEFOREIGOTTHEREOMG and it was all I could do to hold back the tears and paste on a wide smile at the news. 

It did my shriveled heart a little bit of good though that she promptly failed to get Li to walk over to me.   

Sure enough, Saturday morning Li took three steps in our hallway- and then more at my parents- and even more the next day in our living room.

While she’s still wobbly, she’d making leaps and bounds.  I had been harboring the fear she would NEVER walk as she’s fifteen months old.

Let me repeat that… Fifteen months.*

Granted, she’s tall and heavy for her age- and the doctor was never worried about the lack of walking as she crawled like her feet were on fire…but it worried me. 

That- and it’s starting to get HARD (especially on my back) to carry around a tall, heavy 15-month old. 

Last night, I needed to start dinner and Li WAS NOT HAVING ANY OF THAT NONSENSE.  The second her feet hit the floor, she started screaming like I had ripped her heart out of her chest, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-style.   She clung tight to my legs, sobbing- and making walking or, you know, MOVING, an exercise in extreme caution.  It just so happens that my knees are the perfect height for giving Li a black eye, and my natural grace is always looking for an easy way to fall face-first onto the floor.

I finally relented to picking her back up- if only to finish dinner without a concussion- and put her in her front baby carrier…Yes, she was heavy, but happy…except I couldn’t really see around her big head** to chop up ingredients.

I flipped her into the back-carrying position, congratulating myself on my problem solving skills, when I felt a little hand on the back of my neck.

In full disclosure, I’m a bit of a flincher- always have been, always will be.  It might have something to do with getting the occasional cuff on the back of my head as a child for having a smart mouth- but I digress.

My first thought was naive- I actually thought that Li was going to play with my hair a bit- the way we do with hers.


Instead, she jabbed her pointy sharp stabby baby fingers into where my hairline ends, causing me to bring my shoulders up sharply in full flinch mode, and getting a huge laugh from her.

I laughed too a bit because I was surprised, and relaxed my shoulders.  No sooner done when she did it again…and again.

“No, Li!  Do not do that!”  I grabbed her hand.  She just leaned over to smile at me.

Another jab- this time with both hands! 

Much to her immediate dismay (and screaming), the floor seemed relatively indifferent to her jabbing. 

My neck felt better though.

*For those without children, that’s ancient in baby years-  you start getting “looks” soon after that age if the child isn’t walking on their own.  Especially from smug parents with children who walked at 8 months….

**Tall babies also happen to have big heads…who knew?

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