Dear Me

Dear Self from 15 hours ago.

While I realize the urge to bake something comes on strongly at times, in the future, I request that you please remember to:

  • Check you have all needed ingredients before you start the process so you don’t have to send Hus out into a windstorm for more yeast or brown sugar.
  • Check that all the ingredients are FRESH and not WAY WAY out of date- preferably before Hus comes home with the first batch of ingredients…
  • Check the weather- if it has been unseasonably warm that day, your house will be hot.  The oven is also hot.  I trust you can do the math.
  • Be sure to also check the time- and the time it takes to make the recipe- so you aren’t up at midnight waiting for it to finish baking.
  • Butter and sugar burn easily.  Take the batteries out of the smoke detector before you begin.
  • Don’t forget to make sure you have all the required implements needed to make the recipe- like, you know, a rolling pin…
  • Also note- pint glasses do not make good rolling pins.
  • Do not- under any circumstance– start a multi-hour baking project the same night you need to pack for a weekend getaway.  It does not work.  Trust me on this one…


Love- Me

PS- Your coworkers are bringing in doughnuts today- rendering your baked goods (forgotten anyway in the fridge) useless.

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