Yes, things are so hectic right now that I needed two extra syllables.

BUT I’ve found that people don’t love the whole “Woe is me- my life is SO HARD AND BUSY because I’m SO IMPORTANT*” type of posts.  Not a surprise really as I don’t either.

SO! Instead, everyone gets updates today!!! 

I realized I never really provided updates on anything I’ve mentioned in prior posts… coughcoughcellphonescough…

1- YES, we finally got cell phones.  YES, Brisket got his iphone and he loves it with the fury of a thousand suns!  I got a blackberry…and meh.   It’s ok- it does the job- it’s handy if Brisket doesn’t have his superfastiphone and I need to look something up and don’t mind spending 10 minutes for it to download.  It is nice to check email- but life changing?  Not so much.

2- We ended up traveling for our anniversary– but it ended up only being our cabin- sans Li.  It was fun- and there are some interesting stories coming regarding my first horseback ride, a bowling alley that happens to be a steak restaurant, and getting sucked into a tourist trap.

3-  I GOT MY FABRIC…and it’s ok.  A bit thin- but cute.  Now I just need some time to actually make the pants for Li- before she grows out of them.

4-  No news on the windows…or the skylights…or any of my other check-list items.  Brisket and Li will be gone in a couple of weekends so I’m hoping to knock a few things off the list then-  or sit around in my pajamas with a box of chocolates and some cheesy romantic comedies.

*Because, obviously, as a semi-urban mid-level corporate cog in middle America, I so totally am!  Ahem.

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