The Lazy Seamstress…

Brisket and Li are in Kansas City this weekend, so naturally I planned tons of projects to tackle this weekend.  So far, I’ve completely…none of them!

Sleeping in and going boot shopping takes up valuable time.

I did get a little bit of sewing done though- for my sewing chair…

Li’s pants are next on my list.

I swear.

This project though, unlike the pants that require an actual pattern (GASP!), took 30 minutes, about a yard of fabric, a sewing machine, and a staple gun.  Easy peasy.

We had inherited the ugly 60’s dining chair from the previous owners of our house…and it sat around, not really being of any purpose until I realized that it was a good height for my sewing machine…

But is was kind of ugly…and had a small tear in the seat…

Have I mentioned that we like to travel?  Really, I HAVE?!?  Well, we happen to have a bit of a travel theme in our spare bedroom/where my sewing machine resides…

And while going through my fabric to start Li’s pants, I re-discovered I had a yard of this beauty…

That’s what I call fate…

So I sewed and hemmed a quick pillow case top for the  chair back, and proceeded to try to figure out how to sew a fitted cover for the seat…until it dawned on me that I will NEVER probably remove it unless it gets stained or torn.  And really?  While I’m a bit of a squirmer- I rarely eat spaghetti while juggling scissors while using my sewing machine…at least not since I had the baby.

So I stapled it onto seat- the entire thing took about 5 minutes.

I said I was lazy, right?

The staples will be pretty easy to remove with a pliers- so if I get tired of it?  Another 30 minute sewing job…

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