Random times 5

So, no picture of the week- yet.   We did a mini-renovation of our pantry this weekend, and it turned out great…I kind of want to make out with the results.   It really is that awesome. 

But!  But, the pictures are still in my camera because I’m busy with work, and babies, and husbands, and a little bit lazy.

Oh, well.

Maybe later this week?  After the exercising, grocery shopping, and tv watching.  Definitely before I also show off the dress I made Li…I was a busy girl this weekend.

So!  A friend (who oddly enough wants to remain nameless) wanted me to post 7 random facts most people don’t know about me.   I’m not sure I can come up with 7…so how about 5?

1-  I don’t like chocolate…unless I’m pregnant.  I love sugar in its many forms, but chocolate doesn’t do much for me- UNLESS it’s been mixed with some other ingredient.  A chocolate cake with chocolate icing kind of leaves me bored- but add a cherry filling?  You have my attention.   This rule was completely overturned by the 2009 pregnancy debacle- I couldn’t get enough chocolate.  I would have a chocolate sundae with chocolate cookies and chocolate fudge topping EVERY WEEK after my doctor’s appointment.  

2- I love thrill rides.   Roller coasters?  Sledding hills named “the Widowmaker”?  Being pushed down a steep hill in a shopping cart?*  Let’s go!  Unfortunately Brisket’s stomach isn’t up for as much twirling and whirling as my stomach.  Fortunately?  Li is proving to love being swung, hurled, and dropped through space as much as her mom.

3- I don’t like sports, unless I can see them live- then I’m jumping and cheering like a crazy person.  Otherwise?  Meh.  I kind of don’t see the appeal of watching them on tv.

4-  My closet is full of shoes.  Under my bed is more shoes.  For awhile in my early twenties, I would have a couple of pairs of shoes (or 10 pairs) in my car.  I love shoes- but only ever end up wearing two or three pairs a season. 

5- I really wanted Li to have a unique name- but not odd.  I grew up with a name that was a derivative of a common name- so I would always get the question “Oh, is your name really ____?”.   Um, no.   My husband and I picked Li’s name after months of debating- and part of the reason I liked it was because while it’s a familiar name, I didn’t know ANYONE who had it growing up.  Or in my adult life.   About 5 minutes after we had Li?  Two other couples that we knew- one from college, another from Li’s daycare- had babies, and named them?  Li. 

*Never actually done it- but would be willing to try it if I had on a helmet, and someone would catch me at the bottom.

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