Does anyone else smell nutmeg?

For Christmas this year, my sister A is making 11 different holiday cookies.   Yes, she is a bit quirky. 

And sibling rivalry dies hard. 

I’m going to make 12 kinds!

Ok…maybe not.  I don’t have the patience  time to make 12 kinds of cookies- so I’m trying to tame the competitive spirit and focus on other ways of enjoying the time of year. 

Like baking some cookies this weekend.

What?!?  Don’t look at me like that!

In my defense- cookie making is kind of a family tradition around the holidays.  I don’t think I ever counted the wide assortment of cookies my mother made at Christmas-there were often too many choices which, naturally, required multiple trips to the cookie platters on Christmas Eve.

You know, to sample each one.

In this season of excess, I’m trying to keep perspective on the amount of time, energy and patience I actually do have for baking.  And have limited the quantity to 8 kinds.   I figure that keeping it at 8 will let me take on a couple of other things I wanted to do this month- like:

  •  play in the snow with Li for the first time
  •  sew Li a Christmas outfit
  •  make Li one of her gifts from Santa
  • go on an ice-skating or sledding date with Brisket (not sure if Brisket even ice-skates, but we can find out!)
  • get our Christmas cards out early!  As in THIS WEEK early!
  • finish Christmas shopping early!  As in THIS WEEK early!’
  • take a family-car ride to see the lights
  • consume copious amounts of beverages with words like eggnog, gingerbread, and spice in their names
  • and of course, spend extra time with the families…

Anything else I should try to squeeze onto the list?

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One thought on “Does anyone else smell nutmeg?

  1. A

    I shall choose to read “quirky” as “awesome and fabulous”.

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