I don’t like spiders…

Bugs either.

Which I think I’ve made obvious by my previous posts.

What’s that?  You want another example?

A little background- last night I dreamt a spider was on my pillow, and Brisket swooped in and killed it for me.  This morning though, it seemed a little too real…so I sent him an e-mail asking about him killing spiders last night.

His response:

Yes, you woke up, and said “There’s a spider!”

 I woke up and said “What?”

“There’s a spider!  Kill it!”

Then you crouched toward the bottom of the bed, leaving the place you had just been empty.

“It was near my face.”

I couldn’t see anything and suspected you had been dreaming, so I reached over to the empty spot, and rubbed it vigorously with my hands.  Then I brushed off your pillow,and flipped it over and brushed off the other side.

“There.  I got him.” 

You seemed content with that and went back to sleep, thus securing my nomination for Husband of the Year.

That’s love- squashing imaginary dream spiders for your spouse when all you want to do is tell them to go back to sleep…

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