The Black Hole of Christmas

Sorry I’ve been out of range for the last few days… is it just me or does time speed up the closer it gets Christmas?   Like that date is a undiscovered black hole- drawing smaller, less powerful days closer and closer at a faster and faster rate until everything is squished into a tiny package with a red bow*…

Or is that just me?  

I’m making progress on the list though- we’ve looked at lights, played in the snow, made 6 types of cookies, and Brisket and I are going skating this weekend. 

Still undone- a present for Li from Santa.  Which will remain undone…the one toy I was going to make may be a bit too advanced for her right now…maybe I’ll attempt something for her birthday.   In June.

To be completed this weekend- a Christmas outfit…I’m going to publicly commit myself to getting it done this weekend.  Pictures of will be up Sunday night. 

Monday at the latest.

*Based only on a rudimentary knowledge of black holes from my sophmore year in high school.  My apologies for not paying closer attention, Mr. Rutzin.

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