A Goat in a Pear Tree

The holidays just seem to fly by, don’t they?   One minute you’re sipping eggnog with a hearty dose of whiskey, and the next you’re sitting in your cubicle wondering where the hell all the Christmas cookies went.

Or at least I did today.

Now, I’m kind of shy in talking about certain things on this blog.  I tend to avoid topics that might be taken the wrong way- simply because my opinion is MY opinion- and who’s to say that your opinion is any less valid than mine?

Politics, for one.  Religion, for another. 

Bugs, horrible manners, and bad BAD haircuts do not fall in that spectrum.* 

But, I also am a bit shy when I talk about good things too- like charitable giving.  I guess it’s partially because I was raised to give what I could without expecting a pat on the back.  But, also?  In this economy, being able to give to charity is a luxury.  

So, despite my hesitation, I wanted to announce that for Christmas, Brisket and I bought a goat.

Specifically, a goat for a Guatemalan family.  Though a nifty little site- globalgiving.org–  we were able to donate the cost of buying a goat for a family.   The goat will help provide better nutrition for their children, help fertilize their crops, and basically allow them to be more self-sufficient.  

All pretty good things.

The other nice thing about the site?  You can choose from HUNDREDS of projects that need help and donations- by project, location, giving amount, etc, etc, etc. 

You have a passion for teaching children to read?  They have a project for that. 

Preventing the spread of AIDs?  They have a project for that. 

Providing clean water for the first time to a family in Africa?  Yep, they have a project for that. 

We just happened to choose the goat.  If you’re also inspired to buy a goat- or pick another worthy cause-  please leave a comment letting me know what you chose.  I love to hand out pats-on-the-back!

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but I have received nothing from this site for this endorsement.  I would just like to see my project- and some of the other projects on the site- succeed.  And the best way to have a project succeed?  Open your mouth and tell people about it…

*My apologies if you have any of those ailments.

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One thought on “A Goat in a Pear Tree

  1. I think that’s awesome. (And LOVE your post title, BTW.) It IS the season of giving after all, right? 😉

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