A Year in Books

How was your New Years?  Ours was nice and quiet.  We went to the cabin- and I am happy to report I was not attacked by any large bugs or felled by a mystery fever.  It’s like the curse has been broken!  Does me saying that mean I just cursed myself to 7 more years of being cursed?  Then let’s just forget that last part, shall we?

Brisket and I decided this was the year to get in shape- and this time we MEAN it! – so we started a new diet.  It’s…challenging, but only lasts about a month, so…I’ll be sure to report my success at the end of this whole ordeal.  I will say though that I seem to have more energy than I had before- and have dropped a few pounds- so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.   Other than that, I didn’t really have any resolutions or anything for the new year.  Usually I’m great about making the resolutions, and horrible at keeping them. Like 99% of the population, I would guess.

I am a bookworm though.   Unabashedly.   And 2010 was a year that loomed large with books- mostly because I finally broke down and got a library card- but also (!) because Li finally became a little less dependent on me for EVERYTHING.  Babies get like that when they can finally walk, I guess.

So- my goal for this year (I dare not call it a resolution) is to read MORE books!  Does anyone have any good suggestions?

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