This morning…

1. There was 5 new inches of snow on the ground…

2. My hair was sticking up at funny angles and was beyond my control…

3. I forgot my laptop at home, and had to drive all the way back from the babysitter’s to retrieve it…

4. Because of that, I was almost late to work…

5. My wellie developed a crack in the side- making them impossible to fix, and it impossible to keep the snow out….

6. I rediscovered this in our 5 inches of snow…

7. After my toes turned into little blue icicles…


1- I didn’t have to shovel it!

2- My hat helped smoosh it down.

3- Stella was very happy to see me.

4- No one noticed my rush.  Or at least didn’t say anything.

5- I now have a legitimate reason to shop for new wellies!

6- I didn’t have to shovel!

7- Maybe I can look for some wellie socks at the same time!

I’m trying to be a more positive person…do you think it’s working?

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One thought on “This morning…

  1. Mary Ann Gall

    I found this very endearing, and yes, I’d say you have a very positive outlook! January is a tough month, esp. for youall in the “Northern Climes”, so hang in there–February brings M.’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, 3 day weekend, and a shorter month. Love, M Gall

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