Cavegirl- part 1

The month is coming to a close.  With it, so does my diet!  <insert angels singing here>

Brisket and I started the Paleo diet on January 1st.  It’s based on the idea that humans were hunters/gatherers for millions of years and farmers for only the past 10,000.  Naturally, our bodies became accustomed to eating certain foods (meat and veggies) before we started introducing new farmed foods (sugar and wheat).

I’m not going to get up and start preaching about Paleo and the current state of the average American’s diet- but the theory behind the diet made sense to us, so we decided to try it.  No wheat/grains, dairy, refined sugar, beans or corn (technically it’s a grain).  We can eat meat, fruit and veggies. 

Yeah, it’s tough.  It’s amazing to see how many of my meals contained the “no” listing items.   As in, all of them.  And often, all the “no” items at the same time (I’m looking at you Chipotle burrito). 

It’s required us to look at food differently.  To plan a bit more before we start on dinner.

So, we’re now T-4 days before we’re done. 

Maybe it’s because my emotions are so interconnected with food- and I’ve had a rough morning- but a donut would be amazing right now.

I’ll let you know if I make it. 🙂

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