Wooly Bully

I want to be crafty.  I really do.  I see great tutorials and other people’s before and afters and want to weep in awe and  amazement.  I want to have the kind of talent to be able to recreate my home, or craft the cutest accessories, or design my own kid’s clothes…but I just don’t have the talent.  Or patience, I think.  The will is strong, but the flesh is all thumbs.

Take tonight for instance.  I saw a tutorial for felted flowers that I thought would look cute in a vase.  Maybe something kind of offbeat for Li’s room.  To help remind us that spring is coming.

Picture the scene below:

Me, seeing project in my rambling blog reading- Hey!  I have extra wool laying around!  I know how to felt!  I could DO THAT!

Me, ten minutes later, in front of a boiling pot of water- What the?

Brisket, wandering into the kitchen- Um…is it suppose to be unraveling like that?

Me, gritting my teeth-  No.

Brisket, trying to be supportive-  Is there anything I can do to help?

Me, as the wool balls fall into shreds and start adhering to each other-  GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ExpletiveExpletiveExpletive

Brisket-So…no?  Honey…um…Maybe wool isn’t your medium.

Growling under my breathe, I fish the knots out of the hot water and trudge stomp out of the kitchen.


So the project was an epic fail.  But maybe Brisket is right- maybe my strength is in some other crafty thing.  One type of project down…only about 45892 crafts to go.

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One thought on “Wooly Bully

  1. I feel the same way about crafts!

    I have to try SO HARD to pull off anything that involves the use of scissors…or hot glue. 🙂

    I’ll take a nail gun and a gallon a paint any day over that kinda stuff! LOL!

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