Cavegirl part 2- Dodging the Doughnut

January is finally up!  Actually it’s been up for about 9 days now, but let’s not talk about that, hmm?

That officially means that my Paleo diet experiment was completed 9 days ago. 

The Paleo diet is…well, it’s complicated.  If you want a nutshell explanation, see here.  A more scientific explanation?  See here.

If you’re like me though, you want the nitty-gritty, the down and dirty, the unvarnished truth.  Did it work?  Was it hard?  Do you have any measurable results?

Overall?  Yes, I would say it worked- really well.  Was it hard?  Yes- I missed bread, pasta and sugar more than I thought, but those cravings seemed to diminish as the weeks went on.  After a few weeks, a piece of fruit, some berries with frozen coconut milk, or some cocoa-covered almonds were as satisfying as a piece of cake or ice cream.  Yes, occasionally I really craved a doughnut or candy bar- but it seemed linked to my stress levels more than my hunger.  I guess I use food to deal with stress more than I thought I did.

The Results:

Officially, I’ve lost 7.5 pounds in January.  I did fall off the wagon the beginning of February and gained a few pounds back- but I’m now working that off again.

I’m down:

2.75″ in my waist

2.25″ in my chest

1.75″ in my hips

1″ in my thighs

and .5″ in my arms 

On the less tangible side of things, I seem to be happier and feel less stressed.  My blood pressure is now in the normal range- it had been in the pre-hypertension range ever since I had Li.  I also am not as tired during the day- especially during that lag after lunch.  While I haven’t gotten to the point of wanting to work out- I definitely seem to enjoy exercising more once I’ve started.  Also a bonus-  Brisket and I haven’t really fought over the last month (except in the beginning about how there was nothing for me to eat!).   

The verdict?  Brisket and I are going to continue on with a modified version of the diet.  We’ll be adding some dairy back in since it doesn’t seem to bother our systems but will continue to reduce/eliminate the grains and processed sugars.   I do miss my cookies and cakes- but we’re fine enjoying the occasional plate of pasta.  We both want to “lean out”, and it’s working for us.

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