A Little Bit of Sole

The craft project I’ve been working on the last month (has it been a month?  Good gracious!) is finally ready for public viewing.  After much hand wringing, whining, and pricked fingers, I actually have something I made with my own two hands that I feel good about.

Well…being the perfectionist that I am, there’s always room for improvement in my mind…but I digress.

Anyway-  Ta Daaaaaaa!

I’ve mentioned my love of shoes before, right?   I’ve mentioned my love/hate relationship with crafts, right?  So- I’ve combined them into one beast new endeavor.  I’m even crazy enough to try to sell them to complete strangers.

I’ve had an Etsy shop for awhile- I use to sell wool hats there until I realized the very limited window of opportunity I had to sell wool hats.  Like a three-month window.  No one wants to contemplate buying a warm winter hat in February- it’s just depressing. 

Shoes, on the other hand?  I can never have too many shoes.  Is that just me? 

And if they don’t sell?   Again- I can never have too many shoes…

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One thought on “A Little Bit of Sole

  1. Anna Gall

    These shoes are lovely! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your creation. I immensely enjoyed reading your blog.

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