The Middle Child

As a kid, my parents* use to call me the diplomat.  I never wanted to side with one person over another.  I was a perennial fence-sitter.  Part of it was because I often second-guess my decisions.  Part of it was being born as the second daughter of three.  My sibling alliances were always shifting. 

I wasn’t the oldest and the strongest.  I wasn’t the youngest and the weakest cutest.  Instead, I tried to be the most flexible.  Alliances can break down quickly in a family of three girls- multiple times a day actually- and you have to be able to keep your allies without alienating your enemies.  Because a lot of the time?  Those two groups swapped camps in the matter of minutes. 

I’m more set in my ways now**, but that mindset has stuck with me when I’m out in public.  I don’t like to complain.  I don’t like confrontation.  I don’t want to be that customer that makes a scene.  I might complain to my family and friends, but when push comes to shove, I usually roll with the pushes and curl up like an armadillo with the shoves.

I usually take that stance with this blog.  I do not see this blog as a political platform- no matter how strongly I believe in something.  I try to keep my posts non-controversial and I usually keep my thoughts on big topics to myself.  

 A couple different issues reminded me of my unofficial policy in the last week- one (and all its tangents) has been debated for years within the mommy blog circle.  The other is specific to Wisconsin

My opinion about either topic is not important.  I do have opinions on both- but you know what?  I see it as just that.  My opinion.  We live in America.  I’m allowed to my opinion- just as you are allowed to yours.  We’re all civilized, right?  Can’t we agree to disagree without having to resort to name-calling?  To breeding anger?  To threats and silence?

What does that exactly accomplish?  Other than piss off the other side? 

The other side you might need one day down the road.  Or even later on this afternoon.

 *A quick “Happy Anniversary” to my parents- I hope you two have a great day!

**Just talk to Brisket for a couple of minutes if you’d like proof. 🙂

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