Skin of my teeth

February is an uncomfortable in-between month.  My apologies to anyone who may have birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant events in this month- like my parents and husband. 

But it is. 

It’s tight, itchy and heavy, and though the shortest, just a bit too long.  It’s squeezed by the promise of a fresh start on one end, and the push of a million humans desperately hoping to cast off their shapeless wool sweaters at the faintest sign of spring on the other. 

It’s a no-man’s land of dirty snow, forgotten resolutions, and salt-stained boots.  It’s a gray sky, frozen puddle, lingering sniffle type of month.  The month where you call into question if Mother Nature has actually quit her thankless job this year.  A month where your dreams taunt you with images of lemonade, sandy toes and fireflies.

A month that leaves you ragged and looking for respite.   And while, in some ways, March isn’t much better- at least in Wisconsin…it’s a start.

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One thought on “Skin of my teeth

  1. Anna Gall

    You captured February vividly with your words!

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