St. Pat’s

One of my first thoughts this morning.  ”I’ve never had a green beer.”

Don’t ask me why I was thinking about drinking first thing in the morning…

Second thought: “Do I really want to drink green-colored light beer?  When I could have a Guinness?”

No choice.  Guinness every time*.  And while I don’t have any Irish ancestry that I’m aware of- I truly believe everyone is a little Irish today.

So go raise a pint of the green stuff for me. 🙂

Image from–  prints of this (and other great Guinness posters) available for sale there!

*In fact, one of my favorite alcoholic drinks is called the Lady Guinness.  It’s a half pint of Guinness beer and a shot of Chambord Raspberry liqueur.  Simple and delicious!

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2 thoughts on “St. Pat’s

  1. Priest’s Collar/Snakebite/Poor Man’s Black Velvet (or whatever you happen to call Guinness over cider) for me.

    Neighborhood clergy association meeting was this morning (I’m not a clergyperson, but since I attended and blogged the meetings I got elected secretary anyway). I was heartbroken to find the grocery was out of ginger beer this morning, because I was totally going to bust out the food coloring and provide green beer for the meeting.

    Neither the raspberry ginger beer nor the root beer seemed likely to turn green, so I had to abandon the plan.

  2. Mick

    Guinness: Ireland’s most cried-into beer.

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