Will I ever be this organized?


I think not.

As much as I’d like this for her, I don’t see Li ever having a birthday party like this…I just don’t think I’m “on-the-ball” enough for it. 

I certainly wasn’t for her first birthday.  I think I threw up a plastic banner, pulled out some Winnie the Pooh plates, had a cake, and called it a day.

It IS adorable though- and I love the vintage ice-cream theme.  But!  But, I think you have to have some superhuman skills to pull this off…especially if it’s for a party for a group of children.  

Maybe that’s why I only did party planning for a super-stressful 9 months before I realized it was not my thing, huh?

If anyone wants to volunteer their superhuman skills for Li’s next birthday though- please see the above, and contact me about a date.  Her birthday is in June and I promise to promote the heck out of it.

I’m pretty good at that.  🙂

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One thought on “Will I ever be this organized?

  1. Anna Gall

    I agree, this is quite a party for a 1-year old. You wonder if mom will feel obligated to do this every year?! I love parties and party planning! If you really want a big party for Li, you tell me a date, budget, and theme, and I will do or work with you on it!

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