Blogging will most likely be light in the upcoming month.  Brisket and I have a laundry list of things we need to get done before he leaves for Germany.  I also have a big change coming up at work and Li might need to start with a new sitter.   And it’s all left me kind of fuzzy.

I’m also kind of fuzzy on the direction to head blog-wise.  I’ve already mentioned that I feel that Brisket should enjoy his super-hero like anonymity…but with the looming distance, I could easily see this as an easy outlet for him to connect with Li and me.  With just a quick check at work or when he gets home, he can see what we’ve been up to and how much Li is starting to look like him (or me…or more likely neither of us).  We won’t be able to Skype ever night (or, in his case, morning), and when we can, he might only get to see Li on the weekend due to bedtimes and work schedules.  Which sucks for everyone all around.

And then- when Li and I are in Germany- I know I’ll have anxious relatives looking for new pictures of where we’re going- and how Li is taking it in.  And God knows I’m not good with the email and the photo attachment and such. 

So- my dilemma.  How wide do I want the internet and it’s minions* coming into our little lives?  Do I start posting pictures of Li for all to enjoy?  Do I drop the whole pretense of “privacy” and embrace my online persona like millions before me?    How much do I need to protect Li?   Will she even care in 15 years when we all have the internet embedded into our wrists and we’re all living virtually?   

I have good friends that post pictures of their kids with no problems- and I have friends who have had photos of their children stolen.  

So, faithful readers, random lurkers, and anyone just tripping over my site-  this is your chance to sound off-  what do you think?  What would you do? 

*Not that anyone reading this is a minion…you’re awesome and have shiny hair.

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4 thoughts on “Torn

  1. J

    Thinking you might have to post the blog-(daily). I know I’ll be watching everyday—or maybe every other day???

  2. bill

    I will be looking daily to see what’s happening. And a picture of the day would be outstanding. Considering your photographic talent, really nice camera, and location, how could I not want to see daily pics?
    But.I don’t want lurkers or unscrupulous people stealing images of Li either.
    Two blogs? One for the family and another for the general public?

  3. Anna Gall

    Exploitation has been going on for years. The internet became another avenue. Don’t allow fear keep you from sharing what you want to share. A then again, there is the old-fashion postage mail system that can be used to share words & photos. Do what is in your heart and what you feel comfortable with.

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