That’s me (and Li) in the spotlight…

Me and Li- yesterday in Wisconsin…kidding!  Kind-of kidding!  Li looks happy to be out in the snow, doesn’t she? 

That’s better.

Hi!  Nice to finally meet you face-to-face.

I heard you– I did- but I can barely muster the energy for one blog on some days…and the ninja-like skills required to figure out the European postal service?  Gah!  I shudder even trying to think about how I would say “international postage” in German.

So…I’m going to watermark my photos and hope for the best.  Nicknames will also still be the soup du jour around here.  

As for Li and her embarrassment of me showing her toddling through the great European capitals?  I think I’ll probably embarrass her at age 15, regardless what I do- so at least I’ll be able to sift through my old posts while clutching her blankie and sobbing over those chubby-wubby cheeks. 

I’ll just be sure to time it for when her date is picking her up for the prom.

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2 thoughts on “That’s me (and Li) in the spotlight…

  1. Beautiful pictures! Red is (one of) your colors, Beth. Love, M Gall

  2. Anna Gall

    I love your debut photos! Sounds like you have a nice plan worked out.

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