The Inter-Webs

I’ve been getting strange hits to my site.   Referrals from sites that have nothing to do with me- and I can only assume are owned by Nigerian princes looking for someone to help them get their money safely out of the country…

But, I also can see which search results have led to my little corner of the universe.  For some reason, this is oddly compelling. 

The number one search term that led to my site in the last quarter?  “Spring bulbs.”  Not so bad, right?   While I think I talked about spring bulbs a total of three times in 2008- it must have gotten stuck in the web.

Some other top choices are the various quotes I feature here.  Also understandable- especially for college kids looking for inspirational quotes to put on their dry erase boards*.

Some of the weirder searches?  They have me wondering if people know what search engines are for- and how in the world my blog showed up.

 – “Sawdust in my hair”  (umm…yes?  How would you like the search engine to help?  Removing it?  Keeping it?  Making it the color of?)

 – “Should I punish my daughter with a pixie cut?”  (WHAT?  How is making someone look awesome a punishment?)

 – “Sunset iceberg”  (no idea…Bueller?)

 – “too many projects not enough time”  (ok…it seems the thought was incomplete…again, what do you want the search engine to do?  Pick up that rake and get to work?)

 – “how much tiramisu”  (Is too much?  The simple answer is none.  You can never have too much tiramisu.)

 – “my sister cut off all my hair as a joke”  (Annnnndddd….words escape me.  Is your name Marsha?)

*Do college kids even do that anymore in the dorms?

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One thought on “The Inter-Webs

  1. I keep an eye on mine every now and then. They have been few and far between lately but I am surprised by how many hits I used to get from folks that were searching for illicit material. The fragments and random groups of words are always funny too.

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