The Hangover

You know when you go on vacation, and for a glorious blip in time, it’s as if you have fallen through a trapdoor and landed in an alternate universe?   Instead of work headaches, a nagging head cold, and nasty, blustery weather, you’re in a place where wristwatches are not needed, the warm sun kisses the tops of your shoulders and your nose, and the world is your oyster.   Things that usually stress you out- traffic, large crowds of people pressed closely together, long lines- just barely register in the back of your brain.  It’s like “Oh, yeah…I guess that is mildly annoying.  Huh.  Another magarita, please!”

Which is why getting back to work feels like a hangover.  A freezing, damp, runny-nose hangover.  My stomach is queasy from the unhealthy food I ate, none of my clothes seem warm enough (especially with the newly accumluated inch of snow we received this morning) and my head is still foggy with the abrupt environment shift.

Anyone have a good cure for a vacation hangover?

Maybe another vacation?

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One thought on “The Hangover

  1. Anna Gall

    Not sure you are over your vacation hangover yet. Sometimes talking and planning that next vacation helps …
    I had a bad hangover after our trip to Hilton Head. Sunshine and rest seems to be what we need to refresh our soul and spirit. Cannot get enough of it …

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