Awesomely Ordinary

I haven’t confirmed this, but I think I might be a little embarassing to travel with when I have my camera.  I get all “fashion photographer” with some of my shots- with the crouching and the weird angles and the cooing of sweet nothings at inanimate objects.   And I’m sure that might weird out some people- especially when some photos I take look like they serve absolutely no purpose.  They are kind of boring actually- and probably make most people’s eyes glaze over.  But film is cheap with a digital camera, and I know I can file away whatever caught my eye for later.

Those picture then sit and wait…maybe a week- maybe a year…then they jump out and say “HEY!  I AM YOUR MUSE!  I WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THAT THING YOU ARE PUZZLING OVER!”

Like the new lamp style I’d like for our living room…

Or a decorative element for Li’s room…(take a close look at the lower right window)

Or some tile work I’d like done on our villa in Barcelona.

I just usually end up looking kind of strange taking pictures of ordinary things…

Does anyone else do this?

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3 thoughts on “Awesomely Ordinary

  1. Anna Gall

    My Ben does. And they are so interesting! I like your photos, too!

  2. Those were beautiful pics. I esp liked the mosaic, was that in Texas? M A

  3. Cool pix! And I do this only all the time. 😉

    Gawkers most recently laughed at me as I ran across a grocery store parking lot, camera in hand, in the rain, shooting a rainbow.

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