You like me…you really like me!

I think I’ve established that I’m a fabric geek, right?

Well, maybe more of just a geek geek with a huge DIY streak- but I definitely have a little bit of fabric geek mixed in.  I can’t get enough fabric.  I would live in a house made of fabric if I could…which would technically be a tent, I guess.

I swim in fabric.  I breathe fabric.  I would gladly spend my entire paycheck buying fabric.

So, I literally just died a little.

The designer of one of my favorite fabric lines (as in the fabric shown in the shoes just to the right) EMAILED ME because she LIKES MY FLATS.


It was a tough day today- but I’m happy to say it ended on a high note.

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One thought on “You like me…you really like me!

  1. Congrats!
    That’s flattering when someone who impresses you likes your stuff.
    Now, if only I could get Captain America to notice my soldiering…

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