I know I’ve mentioned my little projects before, right?   The projects that will keep my hands busy until November? 

Some are completely doable- and short enough in duration that I won’t run out of steam before I complete them*.  Looking at my list for house repairs though, I think I might be just a bit too ambitious and a little too short on cash…

  • Re-design our bathroom.  Nothing major- just board and batten walls, a tiled tube surround and new light/medicine cabinet.  Yes, I realize I sound ridiculous phrasing that as “nothing major”.
  • Paint (or more likely hire someone to paint) our horrible, horrible aluminum sided house.  I would love to just get new siding, but I’m pretty sure I would have to pick up a night shift somewhere to afford that.
  • Fix the garage roof..I might need to hire someone for this one too.  Asphalt shingles and I do not mix. 
  • Tear down the horrible, horrible rusty “I-need-a-tetanus-shot” shed.   It’s an eye sore and I’m ashamed of it every time I’m in the back yard.  Which is often.
  • Fix the back entry floor.  Organize and add a chalkboard wall for Li.
  • Install an upstairs railing so my little daredevil small children are not tempted to jump off into the stairwell.
  • Add brick veneers to our upstairs chimney- because the exposed cinderblock is not quite the look I’m going for…
  • Cut down the old electric wires leading from our house to the garage.  They aren’t hooked up to anything, but it requires a ladder.  And I’m lazy about hauling out the ladder.
  • Wainscot the weird little hallway that leads to the bathroom.  Maybe with tin ceiling tile?
  • Install a skylight in our bedroom…which is just HA!
  • Fix the rotten front porch boards and paint.
  • Finish the trim work that’s been hanging out waiting for me since Li’s birth.

So- whadayathink?  Too ambitious?  Or should I just hire a handyman to take care of it for me?

*This is one of the reasons I think I like sewing- usually it’s done in 1-2 nights.  3 if I’m particularly focused and have consumed a 6 pack of diet Pepsi.

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3 thoughts on “Jill-of-all-trades

  1. That is quite a little list. 😉

    If you do opt to wainscot with tin ceiling, I’d recommend the faux versions at SurfacingSolutions.com. Gotta visit them again soon to buy some of the egg and dart molding to finish out the bathroom!

  2. I think you’d find the tear-down of many things refreshing. Had the thought- if the shed is really dusty-rusty- like clouds of dust went it pops or buckes- hose-down the inside, or run a sprinkler in there for a couple of minutes. After that- I’d have a hack-saw, tin-snips (straigh-cut), and of course- the ‘ultimate tool’ a good hammer and tear it apart at the ‘connections’ Is there any scrap-dealers in the area that would buy the remnants??? Hope DC is/was supreme for all y’all!

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