Does anyone know of a good place to eat in Washington D.C.?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Obama?

Because tomorrow at this time, I’ll be there…and knowing my eating habits, will be hungry. 

Long story short- Brisket is in D.C. right now, being trained up for Germany.  He’s free this weekend though, so we threw together a crazy plan for me to meet him for one really truly last weekend* before he’s Germany bound.  We really mean it this time!

I’ve been to DC before- when I was in third grade- so my memory is quite foggy in regards to the fine DC dining establishments.  I think we hit McDonalds once actually…

So, hook me up- I have 6 meals…GO!

*Cause San Antonio was a kind of  just a test run?  Let’s just stick with that…

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One thought on “Jetsetter

  1. Probably too late now- there was a place Mary Chapin-Carpenter used to sing about – a cajun place that would tear-it-up when Beausoleil came to town to play their fine cajun music!!

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