Stiff Upper Lip…or why I want to dive headfirst into a margarita and a sheet cake.

I’m only getting around to blogging about D.C. now because…well, honestly?  I’ve been sad.  Down.  Blue.

There I said it. 

Now, please do not call me/email me/Facebook me because you feel bad for me.  I appreciate it,  but I hesitate to write about sad things because the last thing I want is for anyone to feel bad for me.  I’m very British that way… So if you read this and want to do something for me, send cupcakes*.  But please!  No awkward conversations.  Or those sad puppy dog eyes.  We don’t need to go down that road.

I’m sad because Brisket is gone.  And the visit to DC- while great- made me realize it even more.   I know I’m capable of handling things without him around, but it’s harder…and not nearly as fun…  Add to that a toddler repeatedly asking for her daddy to get her some milk, or put her to bed, or read her a story.  And, I’m sad.

So, give me a week or so to wallow with some alcohol and baked goods as my companions…and I’ll be back with DC stories soon. 

*Which my brilliant sister did.  She’s kind of awesome that way.


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4 thoughts on “Stiff Upper Lip…or why I want to dive headfirst into a margarita and a sheet cake.

  1. hugs.

  2. Ed

    In the interest of efficiency, I found this for you!!!

    (…you’d think someone with these dietary proclivities wouldn’t have such skinny arms)

  3. Wow. UBER AWESOME sister!

    Those HAD to help. You should have Brisket record a storybook … or make a short video you can click to when those requests come in.

  4. cotterpinhouse

    That’s a good idea- I’ll have to get him to do that!

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