Army of One and a Half

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Memorial Day…what with officially being an Army wife and all.  

It’s just that I have a complicated relationship with the military…I have never understood the appeal of war.  Or guns.  Or fighting over anything but the last girl scout cookie in the package.  I’m kind of a hippy at heart and would love nothing more than to share a Coke with the world.  Brisket was the first soldier I had met- and I never thought I would end up with a guy who knows the make and model of every gun and bullet manufactured since the Civil War.

Don’t get me wrong- I am proud and grateful to all those who have served this country to protect my freedom.  I’m very much aware of the important role and sacrifice our soldiers have played in allowing me to live in a country in which I’m free to say (and post) any view I may have- and not fear that there will be a knock on the door in the middle of the night.   So, from the bottom of my heart-  thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In the spirit of that freedom, I feel it needs to be said that being a part of a military family is hard.  Being an Army wife is hard.   There’s a big hole to fill when your soldier is gone, and it sometimes feels like we’re the ones left behind to trudge on in the background while our soldiers go to save the world (or at least make it a little better).   Being a soldier is part of who Brisket is- as much as his brown hair or his eleven toes*.  And as much as I hate having my best friend pulled away from me and Li, I’m proud of him and his passion for the job.   His committment to this set of ideals is one of the reasons why I love him.  And, why, even with all the sleepless nights and long lonely days, I stuck with him through the last deployment, and am sticking with him through this deployment.

 But, I also am choosing to honor the unsung heroes of Memorial Day- the women (and men) left behind to keep the home fires burning, the children fed, and the grass mowed each week.  Military families should also be honored because they’re the unseen Army behind the Army…and the Marines…and the Navy…and the Air Force.  So, our thanks to all of them too- we know how hard it can be, and we (all one and a half of us) appreciate you too.


 “I’m only a half?”

*Brisket does not have eleven toes- I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

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One thought on “Army of One and a Half

  1. Anna Gall

    Thank you for sharing! Thank you for your role in the military duties Brisket is fulfilling!

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