Clean Slate

It’s the last day of the month.   Time to get those goals in line for June.

Does anyone else do this?  Set new goals each month?  Or am I the only oddball out there who sees the start of the month as a chance to tackle some new projects?  Usually involving more exercise and fewer cookies?

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4 thoughts on “Clean Slate

  1. I do! I do!

  2. My goals usually involve more exercise and less beer.

  3. J

    Those are the wrong kind of goals for me-although I can help you out with the exercise part in June!
    1-put on new storm door
    2-mulch flower beds
    3-plant flowers & garden
    4-redo the laundry room
    5-get pricing on upstairs bathroom
    6-trip to TN (for one of us)
    7-start planning deck remodeling
    8-get paint samples for exterior of house
    9-paint downstairs hallway
    10-get ready for July.
    Guess that will keep me (us?) busy for a while.

    Now-how about that exercise thing you want to accomplish?

  4. Month? I do this for every WEEKEND! It just never quite goes the way I plan it. 😉

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