Sleeping through the night

The last few days have been a whirlwind of fevers, infant Tylenol, sore throats and random toddler wake-up calls at 3a.m. because Li has been sick.*

Or, rather, I thought she was sick.  Most of the weekend, she didn’t want to eat.  She didn’t want to drink.  She didn’t want to do much more than cuddle up in my lap and page through books faster than I could read them.   Which I’m ok with. 

I took her to the doctor yesterday after finding out that she had been exposed to TWO different childhood diseases at the babysitter’s house…TWO!  And the babysitter only takes care of 5 kids!  It’s a regular haz-mat situation over there…this time being strep throat, and hand, foot and mouth disease.

Just a side note about hand, foot and mouth disease- it’s nasty.  And completely unaffected by the normal dose of antibiotics.  It actually eats antibiotics for breakfast and gains strength from their puny defenses.   

Anyway, finding out about the strep throat was the last straw, so we made our monthly jaunt over to the doctor.   Now, I love our doctor.  I would use her as my primary care physician if she would let me…and if she got big people chairs in the exam room…but she was baffled about the cause of the fever.  After prying Li’s mouth open with a tongue depressor, her expert opinion was a resounding “I have no idea.”

Not strep.  Not Hulk-like hand/foot/mouth disease. 

She told me to keep an eye on her and let them know if anything else develops…and as she was walking out, threw out a “Does she have all her teeth?”

“Um…I think so?”

“Even her two-year molars?”

“Um….”  as I thought- she’s suppose to get more teeth?  How in the world is she going to squeeze those in too?

It turns out it was the molars.  The first of four.  FOUR.   That means three more fevers, bouts of whining, and panic that my child is getting diseases that can survive a throw-down with Superman.

Hold me.


*On Saturday night, I was woken up by a shrill scream coming from Li’s room.  A scream that could wake the dead.  A scream that indicated her car was careening off a bridge.   I ran into Li’s room to find her soaked – her pajamas, her sheet and blanket- everything.   It takes me half a second to realize that Li had dumped her cup of water on herself.   Li stops screaming when she sees me, raises on hand, and points to her shirt, and very calmly declares “Wet.”

And to think I use to go to concerts and bars in the middle of the night to look for excitment.  I only needed a toddler.

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping through the night

  1. Awww … poor Li and poor you. I had to laugh at that last bit. It sounds very Robin Williamsesque. He was saying something about not needing to do drugs once you become a parent: “You’re up all night, you smell bad and you’re paranoid. Same difference.”

    Hang in there! 😉

  2. You are in for many more nights of excitement! And those childhood diseases are baffling at times. You have a great sense of humor in the midst of parental uncertainty. It will keep your head above water! More laughs and love to you!

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