Marie? The baguettes- Hurry up!*

A fellow blogger, Oh Happy Day, is sponsoring a contest for a trip for two to Paris! 

I love this idea.  In fact, I’d love to do this idea on my blog…but I’m a bit short on cash.  Does anyone want roundtrip bus fare for two to Milwaukee? 

I’ve never been to Paris, but it sounds amazing.  AMAZING.  And the hotel featured?  Amazing squared….errr, to the third?  Anyway, it kind of makes me want to paint my bedroom black…

And though I’ve never gone, I do have family members who made that trek…and have come back obsessed with the city of lights…

And when I say obsessed, I literally mean they drive around in Renault’s, wearing berets, eating chocolate and baguette, and dropping french words into everyday American conversations.  Because that’s how all Parisians are, right?

So, with Brisket gone, I’d probably take one of them with me if I win.  I’ll need someone to buy my baguettes for me.

 * Name that movie….

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3 thoughts on “Marie? The baguettes- Hurry up!*

  1. So, if you name the movie correctly, you win round-trip bus fare to Milwaukee?

  2. No- You’ll be entered into consideration when i decided whom to take with me to Paris… 🙂

  3. I saw an older Peugeot last night!!

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