Blackouts, Raw Cookies, and Insomnia

Last week was….eventful.

That’s pretty much it.

As I mentioned previously, last week was Li’s 2nd birthday.  (I find it crazy that I have a two-year-old- mostly because most days I still feel like I’m going to wake up in my dorm room late for class- but I digress.)

So, like a good little homemaker, I decided I was going to make some cookies to take to Li’s babysitter for the kids to celebrate her birthday.  Naturally, because I’m me, I didn’t get around to it until 9:30 the night before.  I procrastinate.  I waffle.  I had to get supplies.  You know, the usual. 

Anyway, Wednesday night, 9:30pm, I’m making cookies.  We had been having storm warnings all evening but it hadn’t yet started raining.  Then I heard the wind pick up.  Then a roll of thunder. 

Looking back, I would probably describe the thunder as ominous.

Anyway, I finish mixing up the batter, pop a tray of cookies into the oven, and sit down to read a stimulating book  Facebook, when the lights flicker.  I go still, and cock my head- all dog-like- at the light above me.  Maybe if I don’t move the lights will stay on? The lights flicker again, but stay on.  I wait a few seconds, and nothing happens, so I resume my all-important web surfing, when all the lights go out.


We’ve been in our house for five years (this month- yay!) and the power has only ever been out for a few minutes at a time.  So I wait, thinking it’ll be back on in a few seconds.   I wait.   and wait.   and wait.


Across the street I can see beautiful electricity flowing- my neighbors seem to be watching some kind of sporting event- and I wonder if they even know my electricity is out.

So I start lighting my thousands of candles and unplugging my stove to keep it from coming back on while I sleep.

I’m also disappointed to find that cookies are still raw.

Did you know that there’s not a ton to do at night when you don’t have electricity?  Surprising, right?  I can understand why my farming forefathers went to bed so early- the light from a candle is simply not bright enough to do anything without risking grave injury or disfigurement.

 I also don’t want to use my phone because I won’t be able to charge it if it dies- so it’s pretty much just me and Stella staring at each other and listening to the storm in the candlelight.  Very romantic. 

Finally, I give up on the electricity coming back on, and go to bed.  Naturally, I’m freaked out the electricity is going to come back on at 4 AM- and wake up the entire house when the TV starts blaring informercials- so I can’t sleep.  When I do eventually fall asleep, it’s a fitful tossing and turning- and without a clock, the hours seem to drag by.  I finally realize we’re getting close to dawn when I hear the birds start singing outside my window.

Still no electricity.

Tired, cranky, and with dripping hair*, I finally call the electric company.   Within two hours, the power is back on. 

But I’ve discovered that I’m not cut out for the pioneer life.

*Because my shower still worked- just not my hairdryer.

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2 thoughts on “Blackouts, Raw Cookies, and Insomnia

  1. Anna Gall

    It must have been the same storm front that ripped branches off of our big trees in the backyard. Dean started the clean up last evening.
    Glad you, Li, and Stella are safe.
    And yes, our forefathers and mothers definitely went to bed at sundown. They ran out of energy after farming and cooking all day with nothing to keep them awake at night! I can so relate!

  2. But what became of the raw cookie dough? You ate it, right?
    Love, Mick.

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