Wednesday. Really?

Is it only Wednesday?  I get the distinct feeling that we’re in a Thursday.  Yes…Definitely Thursday and not a Wednesday.  No?  It’s really just Wednesday?  How about we just say tomorrow is Friday?  Maybe take an extra day to celebrate the coming of the summer?

What’s that?  You live in Milwaukee and summer was only here for three days?  You now live in a land of perpetual rain and 60 degree weather?  I wasn’t aware that Milwaukee had been relocated to Canada for the season…that’s a bummer.  Oh, not just for the season?  Permanently?  As in…winter too?  I have to say that I’m tearing up at that…but it may also be my cabin fever acting up.  I had expected to be able to put away my coats, jeans and boots by June 22nd.


So this post will probably not get much more exciting than my monologue up above…you have every permission to go check out what someone more exciting is doing.  Maybe Kanye is tweeting about his breakfast or something right now.

As for the Cotterpin House, we’re kind of just biding our time.  There has been some talk of Brisket coming home in August- but the date is still up in the air- and making the planner in me a wee bit crazy.    We’re either at 6 weeks until he’s home- or 8 weeks.   The military does that a lot, so I should probably be use to it.   But I’m not.  I don’t think I ever will be.   I just like to know that the date you give me is the date I can plan around…I’m not Travelocity, people.   I’m not good with the +/- 3 day windows.  Nothing else in my life runs on that kind of timetable, so why this?


In other news, I did actually tackle one of the projects on my list though!  Oh, wait…(checking, checking)…Actually, no, I didn’t have it on my master list…but the lock in this story has been fixed.  Just promise me you don’t look at the date on that entry.   GAH!  You looked, didn’t you?

Now, I’m not proud that it took over two years to properly fix*.  But, well, it had kind of been forgotten as we had a baby shortly after…and which grew quickly into a toddler.  

But let’s focus!  It’s fixed!  After only two separate trips to the home improvement store! 

Progress, people, progress. 

 *Just to clarify, it had been jerry-rigged to be secure- maybe or maybe not involving a coat hanger and electrical wire…. and we haven’t had any more random theivery, but it definitely needed a more permanent solution.  Not making excuses for my laziness regarding the garage- just clarifying…


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