As I have mentioned here and here, Brisket and I have a small cabin up north- emphasis on SMALL.  It’s cute, and cozy, and snug and seems to be the hot hang-out spot for the insects in that part of the world.  I think it might be the equivalent of being under the high school bleachers for the insect world actually…Maybe it’s a great place to make-out and smoke without their parents finding out… 

Anyway, as much as we would like to chaperone 12,353,369  insect teenagers every weekend, Brisket and I only usually make it up to the cabin once a month.  Being the math geniuses that we are, we thought “Hey!  We could rent it out the weekends we’re not there!  Maybe make a little spending money!” 

So we have- to varying degrees of success.  Turns out not many people want to hang out in an area that averages over 100 inches of snow each winter- so we tend to get more interest in the summer.  Part of that interest is from the ads I place on my company’s classified ad website.

Normally, it works great-  I get 10-20 responses per listing, and usually 2-5  renters from the process.  Occasionally though, I stumble across an unusual request.  

Case in point, let’s dissect the abbreviated* e-mail discussion I had with…let’s call her Curious Cathy or CC:

CC:  Can you send me pictures of your cabin?

Me:  Sure, here you go-  let me know if you have any questions!

CC: It looks great!  Do you know of any other log cabins up there?

Me:  Umm…we’re in a neighborhood of log cabins, but we don’t know anyone else up there…

CC: No, I mean- do you know of any other cabins to rent up there?

Me:  ….No….I don’t know anyone else up there.

CC:  Oh, ok!  So, how would you feel about people camping out in your yard?

Me, a bit confused as we can sleep up to 8 people IN the cabin:  Um, like kids?

CC:  Kids and adults.

Me:  How many people are we talking about?

CC:  Well, how big is your yard?

Me:  1/2 acre.  How many people are we talking about?  We do have neighbors…

CC:  Well…it would be about 10 to 15 kids aged 6-18, about 5 to 10 kids aged 2 to 5, and 8 adults.  Would that be a problem?  We’d just want the cabin for one night.

I freak out a little bit as I do the mental math in my head, because it’s 33 people!!!!  33 people in my 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cabin- and they’re only going to use it for ONE night?  That comes to about $3 per person.  And the cost for me to clean up after 33 people have descended like a plague of locusts- including having to pump out my full septic system…um, let’s just say it’ll be about eleventy bajillion dollars.

Me:  I don’t think we can accommodate a group that large- Sorry!

CC:  Not a problem!  Maybe next time!  Are you going to rent next summer?

Next time?  Next time?  I don’t think my answer is going to change…I’m not hosting a youth hostel (except for the insects) or a campground or a multi-day music festival….

Was I out of line?  Because I actually felt kind of weirdly guilty turning her down…

*Because, not surprisingly, the discussion was about 20 emails of back and forth…and no one want to read that nonsense.

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3 thoughts on “Cotterpinstock

  1. Mary Ann

    Wow, your smart thinking dodged a bullet!!! You DEFINITELY did the right thing, take it from an old pro who has dealt with easily 100+ tenants (even the normal ones have some quirks)! It’s TONS easier to just say no, then to deal with the aftermath–so when even slightly doubtful, pass the deal up–another bus always comes along, lots more fish in the sea, etc etc. Sounds like you’re doing great with all this, hang in there. M A

  2. Tell those damn hippies to stay off our lawn!
    Love, Brisket.

  3. Dean Gall

    Now that Anna and I are able to catch up on good reading, etc — we too say GOOD MOVE in politely declining the rental of your little cozy cabin to a hungry, flash-mobbing, mosh-pitted teens, pre-teens, and 8 possibly to-become-drunken-and-mosh-too adults— the group sounds eerily similar to the hoosier/cottleville-esqe/hipster/Busch-drinkin’ campers that invaded the Valhalla resort we were at in Minnesota last week…..the youngest kids would likely end up with some type of kid-LEASH on them to keep them from wandering to your neighbors…!!! Deanomosquito

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