Shhhh…I see hipsters

Webster’s defines “hipster” as : a person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns (as in jazz or fashion).

The area I live in is heavily populated by hipsters.   And when I say heavily, I mean that I can’t swing a 12 pack of Pabst without hitting one of them…And while I’m aware that there is some hipster backlash around the country, it looks like it hasn’t quite hit my area of Milwaukee just yet.  

Personally, I have nothing against hipsters- Brisket and I probably have a few hipster qualities ourselves… but last night was a bit of an overload.

We live near a large public park that has free music in the bandshell on Tuesdays.  Li is crazy about music (a mini-hipster in the making?) so I decided to take her.  

Let’s just say I walked into the freaking hipster epicenter of Milwaukee*. 

95% of the audience?

Men with elaborate tattoos, pork pie hats, ironic t-shirts, facial hair, and thick plastic glasses, eating grass-fed beef burgers out of Whole Food reusable grocery bags and drinking cans of PBR, while accompanied by willowy women with elaborate tattoos, hippie-chic organic cotton clothing, using a baby carrier while eating grass-fed beef burgers out of Whole Food reusable grocery bags and drinking cans of PBR.

I have always felt that hipsters were kind of counter-culture.  But if everyone in my neighborhood is counter-culture, doesn’t that just make it…mainstream culture?  

And does that make me- a non-hipster in a hipster neighborhood– counter-culture?    Wow…that’s a lot a pressure!  I’m not sure I’m ready to lead a counter-culture movement.   I’m going to probably start inspiring trends and stuff.   I really hope Old Navy has enough flip-flops in stock.

*Then again, I probably should have realized the crowd I would be in when the music started and it was a bluegrass/rockabilly fusion band…

“Mama, where’s your Pabst?”

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2 thoughts on “Shhhh…I see hipsters

  1. This cracked me up! (I think some of your neighbors’ relatives live in downtown St. Louis’ loft district.) But that’s OK. Gimme counter culture over counter counter-culture anyday.

    OMG! Who is that little LADY! What happened to your baby?!;-)

  2. What an enlightened evening! Hipster are their own culture. Dean & I are surrounded by hipsters at the organic farm. We too have been enlightened about the culture in agriculture.

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