I have weekend stories of chicken pox, and kiddie pools, and watching fireworks in an alley- but I just saw this and wanted to share…

from The Berry

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4 thoughts on “True…

  1. This is SO true. I’ve only recently figured out what I want to be when I “grow up” (and can’t find a way to come close without going back to school for AT LEAST 2+ years).

    The who … now there’s a much harder proposition.

  2. So, take Cotterpin and Mia, move to the mountains with the dog, spend the days hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting, cooking, and nights drinking, dancing and listening to live music? Sounds great! When do we leave?

  3. So very true, it is nice to come across little things like this. We all need a reminder here and there of what really is important.

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