Blah de blah

Have you ever intended on blogging about something, and then life crept in, and the days went by, and by the time you caught your breath, it just seemed like too much time has passed to talk about it?

I mean, do you really want to hear about my 4th of July?  Like, two weeks after the fact?

I kind of didn’t think so.  

We did have the standard variety of craziness over the last two weeks though- including my poor baby getting chicken pox. 

Yes, she already had the immunization for the pox.  Yes, she still got the pox.  No, the pox were not nearly as bad as I thought they would be…I seem to remember having horribly scratchy spots ALL OVER OMGINEEDTOITCH.  

Li?  Meh.  

Maybe a dozen spots?  And I only caught her scratching those a couple of times.  It did make me ponder the point of an immunizations that don’t “quite” immunize all the way.  What good is that?  I expect my immunizations to work, damn it!   They didn’t give me the polio vaccine and then tell me that I can only expect a mild case of polio, did they?

Anyway…I also had some plumbing fun last weekend.   And when I say plumbing fun, I mean that our drain lines were filled with horror-movie black plant roots that were causing all the water in the house to back up into my basement.  

I’m kind of kicking myself for not taking a picture, because while gross, it was oddly compelling in a biological way.  The plumber showed me some (and I emphasize the word SOME- because the removal of said roots took three !!! hours).   It looked a little like black hair- or something that would slowly eat a secondary character after they have fallen asleep in a bog in a King novel.  

I now have dreams about creeping roots breaking up through my drain holes, and taking over my house.   But that’s normal, right?

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One thought on “Blah de blah

  1. Anna Gall

    Funny, Dean & I had the same root problem in our pipes when we got back from our Minnesota camping trip! It is the time of year with the trees growing in the summer sun and rains. Dean spent a few hours on Monday and tuesday using a “snake”. He said we should plan to do this every year!
    My Ben had the chicken pox twice, once as a toddler and another time as a young adolescent. Yet my mother never had them even after being exposed with 6 younger siblings and 4 children. Go figure!
    I hope things have settled down for you and Li!

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