Missing in Action

I think I need to check the lost and found for my brain.

See, it’s been missing lately.  It’s never where I think it should be- and in the last few weeks it’s been wandering away more and more frequently.

Part of it is that my baby sister is having a baby!  YAY!   I know she’s 28 years old, but to me she still seem like she’s about 10.  Babies having babies…

Part of that has to do with Brisketreturning home in three days.   Pair that with a full week off of work.   And my birthday.  Awesome, but distracting.

Part of the reason is because it’s freaking summer.  SUMMER.  In an area that sees about 340 days of snow, SUMMER itself is a reason for distraction.   Autumn feels like it’s right around the corner- and anyminutenow the leaves are going to change.  I feel like I have to absorb as much of it up as I can before it’s gone.

And finally?  Part of the reason is because I’m half bird and like shiny, new items.  Like new autumn boots…really, really expensive autumn boots…

Frye Boots- Piper Lime

How about you?  How well are you holding it together in these final days of summer?


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One thought on “Missing in Action

  1. Anna Gall

    Dean & I wanted to play hookie today! It has been soooo beautiful outside with these mild 80’s days and cool 50-60’s nights. Good camping weather! I am right smack into our busiest season for the benefits office, open enrollment. Do-not-even-think-about-asking-for-a-day-off-right-now season! so we motored into Clayton this morning with packed lunches & briefcases. I brought my swim bag so I can catch a swim right after work in the pool down the street from the office. That will have to do for now!

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