Oh, Home Depot, I have missed you!

It’s been 2 years, 2 months, and 28 days, but I think I can finally muster the energy and spare time to take on a new remodeling project.

Li is finally in a golden age of having a bit more mental maturity, while still physically needing a solid chunk of time for a nap and a decent bedtime.   I’m in no way indicating that she’s advanced enough to take care of herself…. But if I’m swinging a hammer, or when Brisket and I recently pulled down the rusty shed-like abomination that made baby angels cry out in fear of tetanus, Li actually is content to sit and watch.  Naturally, she still has to contend with the occasional burst of energy, but if she has a comfy seat, a cup of milk, and one of her beloved stuffed animals or books, she’s happy to hang out with me while I work.  

So instead of getting in the way 10 times an hour, it’s now down to 4.

This development prompted some of the house projects that were boiling in my feverish little brain three years ago to pop back up.  

Which, in my new-ish parent mind, is a miracle.   I would have sworn only two years ago that I would have to live with that flickering light fixture/leaky sink/rusty shed  forever.  FOREVER.  Emphasis on the forever.  I couldn’t conceive of a day that would allow me enough time for a full shower, much less redesigning my bathroom, or finishing up our bedroom.   It just didn’t seem possible- if only because as soon as Li was asleep, I wanted to sleep.  Only a couple solid hours of sleep will do that to a person.

But now?   Now I have a little helper- one who has proved capable of keeping out of my hair, and holding a flashlight!  

The flashlight is only on its target about 50% of the time, but it’s a start.

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One thought on “Oh, Home Depot, I have missed you!

  1. Dad

    50% of the time is Excellent! I remember you starting there too, holding the light is the first step, as you well know. Look how far you’ve come!

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