Nailed it!

Are you looking to save some money on those pricy manicures?  Maybe just cut a few corners without having to completely forgo the luxury of having your nails done? 

It’s simple- just retile your bathtub surround!   The tile adhesive is a lovely shade of white, and is virtually impossible to remove from the underside of your fingernails*.  If you don’t look too closely, it almost looks like a French manicure!  How exotic!  How frugal!

Of course, you do have to spend approximately $257,163,572 on tile supplies and gas to drive to the hardware store a half dozen times, and spend about 10 days without sleep or a good hot shower- but other than that…no trouble at all!

Yes, I’ve been retiling our bath for the last few years months days, but if feels like much longer when you only have one bathroom.  This month I’ve also (with some much-needed and appreciated help) put up new blinds, a new light fixture, built a new shed (halleluiah!), and started to paint my staircase.   I say “start” because it too is a lovely shade of white, and I’ve had enough with the color white for a few days.

So that’s how I’ve been spending my month.  That, and a farmer’s market at the state capital in which I completely neglected to take any pictures, but bought some awesome cheese.  

 How about you?

*The fingernails you haven’t completely broken off though in the course of retiling your bath, naturally.

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One thought on “Nailed it!

  1. Anna Gall

    Busy lady! Busy is always good, well, most of the time! We have the farmer’s apprenticeship until the 1st week of November. Dean & I are making plans and bought materials to build a small “hoop house” in our yard before the snows come. We hope to get a small herb and veggie farming enterprise going. I have been doing some recipe developing for Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar in O’Fallon one evening a week. And I finished developing the curriculum to teach a “locavore” class in October with St. Charles Adult and Community Education. Dean has his “Family Day” open house at his work this weekend.
    Sweet thoughts go your way … Give a kiss to Li.

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