How do you say “November” in German?

It’s been almost a month since my last post…which means I’m down to…three readers?  Maybe? 

My apologies to the three of you- the last month has been full of the mundane/horrific details that require attention before moving to a new country for six months.    “Mundane” in getting winter walking boots.  “Horrific” in an epic battle with all things spidery and of the insect-like variety.  

Anyway, we’re only about a week out before Li and I join up with Brisket in Germany.   Crazy, right?   I’m still not 100% convinced it will happen, epic battles aside, just because it seems like we’ve been planning it for the last 8 months FOREVER. 

I’m a bit nervous about the change- it feels a bit like going to a new school in the middle of the school year- except at this school you don’t know the language, you don’t own the right clothes, and oh yeah, they like to eat the organ meat of mythical animals that only have existed in the storybooks in your hometown.

I have been studying up on my German.  I took a couple years in high school, and it’s coming back pretty easy.   It’ll come in handy if I need to talk about the days of the week, or the color of my car. (insert sarcasm there)   To supplement, I’ve also been listening to CDs of basic German instruction during my commute.

So, I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t had any caffeine, or because I’m tired from the work day, or simply because the CDs suck, but not a whole heck of a lot is sinking in.   The CDs started out easy enough- lending me a false sense of security that German is so easy!  I rock!  but in the last few days, they are covering vocabulary and grammar rules so fast that I kind of wonder if I have the CDs in the wrong order*.

They’re using unfamiliar words in fully German conversations, changing up tense usage, and substituting words for other words so fast!  They also DON’T repeat the vocab- it’s once and done, sorry sucker-  and then casually throw that word out about fifteen lessons later.  By the time I remember what that word means, I’m already 30 seconds behind in the conversation.  

This morning I was asked to repeat after the speaker.   So I did…  

“Guten morgen, Herr Schmidt.  Wie geht’s?  Gobble gobble gibberish what the heck was that wordwhyaretheygoingsofast? Auf Weidersehen!”

Yeah…I’m pretty sure that the only person I’ll be able to talk to are pre-school children. 

I’ve heard of people who become more fluent in a language they’re learning when they become drunk.  Maybe I just need to carry a liter around with me at all times?   At least then, if I’m mangling the language, it won’t eat away at my soul.  I might offend a few Germans though with rude remarks about their pet unicorns.

* I don’t, I checked…twice.

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2 thoughts on “How do you say “November” in German?

  1. LOL. I have just returned from visiting Germany. (I don’t speak German though.) I would like to learn one day. I have to finish working on this French first though.
    Bonne Chance!

  2. Anna Gall

    You will do just fine! You will learn as you go about each day. Each day will be another learning experience! It will go by so quickly. What an adventure! Relax, and enjoy! And Li may come back to the US fluent in German, and we all think it is gimberish in toddler talk. But you and Brisket will know better!

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