My shoes could fill a suitcase…

My name is Cotterpin, and I have a shoe addiction.

I’m the living embodiment of the “woman+shoes=love” cliche.

I am ashamed.

Which is why I’ve been putting off packing for Germany.   Because seriously?  I’m going to need a lot of shoes for Germany.  Cute everyday shoes.  Rugged hiking boots.  Warm winter snow boots.  Run to the store in the rain boots*.   A pair or two of high heels for the occasional date night.  My cute brown leather boots that go with everything.  Some running shoes (hahaha!). And, for when the weather gets nicer, a pair or two of sandals.

Now, we did have a shipment of items that went over earlier this month…and that will arrive after Thanksgiving.  I filled that shipment with spring clothes, Li’s toys, a bike, a tv, towels, kitchen items, and some early Christmas presents for Li…But somehow  neglected to send more than the couple pairs of sandals and the rain boots over at that time.   I guess I thought that I would still be using most of my shoes for another three weeks???

I don’t know.  It makes my head hurt a little.

So, weigh in- how many shoes do you really think it takes to get through three seasons (or 6 months) in a foreign country on foreign terrain?

The informal poll I’ve started ranges from 10 pairs to 2.     I’m sitting at 9 right now…

*And, no, rain boots and snow boots are not the same thing, BRISKET.

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3 thoughts on “My shoes could fill a suitcase…

  1. I think 8-10 pairs should be sufficient. You’ll wear one on the plane (obviously) and flip flops / flats don’t take up much room in the suitcase. And, like I said…they do sell shoes over there if you happen to miss any while you’re gone… 🙂

  2. Ed

    If you are over your alloted shoe space, send some back to MO with Stella, and we’ll scatter them in our luggage when we come visit! -OR- tell your non-savvy friends and family that it is traditional in your new country that guests bring the Frau a new pair of shoes/boots (or some gift card(s) redeemable in Germany).

  3. lesia

    I once brought 8 pair on a week trip to Branson. You have to match your outfits too. I say 15-20 should be sufficiant.

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